Exhibitors By Category

Displayed below is a list of exhibitors and their stand location (if available) and the related category. You can also view the list by name and by stand number.

Stand/s Exhibitor Website Category
111   Action Auto ElectricsLighting and Electrics
256   Great WhitesLighting and Electrics
3   Hella AustraliaLighting and Electrics
224   Invision SalesLighting and Electrics
234   LED AutolampsLighting and Electrics
260   Lucidity AustraliaLighting and Electrics
160   Mitsubishi Electric AustraliaLighting and Electrics
15   Narva Automotive LightingLighting and Electrics
299   RedarcLighting and Electrics
220   Rocklea Truck ElectricalLighting and Electrics