Eastern Region takes out 2017 HVIA National Apprentice Challenge

The honours go to the Eastern Region team who took out the 2017 HVIA National Apprentice Challenge finals at the Brisbane Truck Show today.

Angus Thomson, a fourth-year apprentice from Volvo Brisbane South and Drew Charlesworth-Smith, a fourth-year apprentice from Westco Truck Sales, Rockhampton, kept the Southern and North-Western Region teams at bay.

The three regional teams worked simultaneously, on identical trucks, generously supplied by Fuso Australia, to identify and rectify a series of programmed faults as the clock ticked.

“To win, the team was the first to successfully identify and repair all the faults,” said HVIA’s National Workforce Development Manager Mark O’Kane.

“The teachers from Tafe Queensland SkillsTech, who set the faults, made sure the task was anything but a cake-walk,” Mark explained. “We didn’t expect any of the teams to be able to complete the full task in the allotted time.”

“In fact, for Angus and Drew to finish with twelve faults rectified from thirteen set, is a reflection of the great cooperative spirit they developed and how efficiently they worked together.”

The winning team takes home a trophy and all competitors received prizes from Warby Tools to the combined value of $1,800.

“The lads were terrific. They attracted big crowds over the last two days of the competition, and I couldn’t be prouder of these young blokes as ambassadors for careers in our industry,” Mark said.

“The apprentices all went through a rigorous selection process to earn the right to be here, competing against other apprentices from all over the country.”

The Southern Region team (representing Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia) was Paul Kleinberg and Matthew Hinge, both fourth year apprentices at Cummins South Pacific in Melbourne.

Third year apprentice Damien Camacho, from Westrans, teamed up with Jordan White (fourth year) from Cummins South Pacific, to represent the North-Western Region (representing Western Australia and Northern Territory).

Visitors to the show were kept up-to-speed with commentary and interviews conducted by Roger Davey. Alongside him, Kaz Harris-Brown from Tafe Queensland SkillsTech  interviewed the competitors for regular explanations of their strategies.